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My ZX Spectrum+ 128K *sigh* - Age 10 and I was in love. The BASIC intepreter, electronic squeaks as a program got loaded from tape,playing a game and then going through the code :) FUN :) In later years while I went on to become academically qualified as a Textile Engineer my passion remained true to technology. Linux and the Open Source community have been all too kind to me and I thank you for that. My most recent contributions back to the community have been to the XCB (X protocol C-language Binding) library. I founded my first Internet Technology company -
Broadnet - when I was 20 and although it didn't survive the dot com bubble burst,
it was a lot of fun and taught me a lot. Today I consult on Linux technologies on ocassion, I am a partner in my family textile yarn and fabric manufacturing business - Polyfab and with my new venture eBrain I hope to create something that brings people even closer, adding value and enriching lives just as my mentors - the open source community.

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